Shipping Policy

  • Shipment Origin: Canadian orders will be shipped from Richmond, British Columbia. US orders will be shipped from Blaine, Washington.
  • Tracking Information: Automatic tracking information will be sent to the buyer once the order is shipped.
  • Shipping Carriers: Shipments to the USA and Canada will be handled by FedEx, Purolator, UPS, or Postal Service, depending on the specific logistics of the order.
  • Signature Requirement: Please note that a signature may be required upon delivery for added security and confirmation of receipt.


This policy outlines the responsibilities regarding shipment receiving:

  1. Release to Courier: Once the seller releases the shipment to the courier and provides a tracking number, the responsibility for the shipment transfers to the buyer (consignee).
  2. Communication with Courier: The buyer (consignee) is responsible for contacting the courier for any inquiries regarding the delivery schedule, rescheduling, redirection, hold for pickup, shipment delay, or shipping damage.
  3. Shipment Damage Claim Assistance: If the buyer requires assistance with a shipping damage claim, they must first receive the package and then contact the seller via email within 7 days of receiving the damaged package.
  4. Providing Evidence: It is the buyer's responsibility to provide photographic evidence of the damaged package and/or item's condition upon receiving it. This evidence is crucial for processing the shipping damage claim.

By adhering to these guidelines, both the seller and the buyer ensure a clear understanding of their respective responsibilities in the shipment process.